In our homes we produce and accumulate waste every day.Over 50% of them are organic and we can reuse them by making compost for our plants, kitchen garden and garden.

We can recycle organic wastes in the home by using a composting bucket, which takes up very little space, does not smell bad, or attract flies.In no time at all, we can have high quality compost for our plants.


  • We contribute microorganisms to the earth
  • We provide our plants with more nutrients
  • We won’t need to buy composts or fertilisers
  • We will have less rubbish to throw out
  • We will have less spending in the family economy
  • We will know the origin of the wastes in our compost
  • We will obtain tastier and sweeter fruits and vegetables

How to use it

Organic waste (vegetables, fruits and egg shells) are cut up and put into the bucket.We sprinkle it with Elgan®. Microorganisms that grow with Elgan® favour fermentation and prevent rotting.Thus, this reduces composting time, eliminates bad odours and reduces the appearance of worms and flies.

The bucket has a grille at the bottom that separates the liquid that is produced by the waste (leachate).It is collected in the tank and can be extracted via the tap for use, then diluted in water, and used as fertiliser for plants.

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