Agro balanced®



Product for keepingyour vegetable patch or garden in good health. Controls the emergence of pests, encouraging plants to grow and improving soil condition,among other benefits.



Formed of five microbiological groups, chieflyphototrophic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, fermenting fungi, and yeasts:


  • Reduces fly and ant populations, as the larvae are prevented from maturing
  • Keeps snails and slugs away from thetreated soil
  • Conservesnatural predator fauna i.e.insects that control pathogens, such as ladybugs
  • Has selective antifungal power, which reduces the presence of harmful fungi and encourages beneficial fungi activity


  • Increases the speed and percentage of seed germination
  • Increases the survival chances of transplanted plants
  • Boosts the vigour and growth of the stalk and roots
  • Promotesflowering, fruition and maturation
  • Enhances fruit growth, productivity, quality and conservation


  • Reducessoil compactionand erosion
  • Increases porosity and improves water filtration, reduces the need for watering as the soil is able to absorb 24 times more water from rain
  • Improves nutrient availability, as it divides the molecules to aid absorption
  • Suppressesand/or controls pathogenic microorganism populations
  • Increases microbial biodiversity, generating the necessary conditions for beneficial microorganisms to flourish

Additional information

Weight 1049 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm

How to use

Dilute 5L in each 180L of water per hectare weekly to improve the structure of the soil. For unproductive land, 30L per hectare at most four times a year, combined with microbiological composting.