Magnesium Oil (100ml)


Restores intracellular levels of magnesium, one of the most important nutrients for our body as it is necessary for many of our vital functions such as metabolism, maintenance of bone health, the cardiac system, muscle function or the nervous system. In addition, it acts as a reducer of fatigue and fatigue.



It acts as a reducer of fatigue and fatigue, helps the absorption of nutrients, increases energy, improves rest and sleep, reduces joint pain, among others. Its direct application on the skin has a much faster absorption than an oral supplement since it is directed directly to the bloodstream and is distributed by the cells that need it most, without going through the digestive system that is slower to absorb.

Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

How to use and ingredients

Apply directly to clean skin, after showering, doing a small massage or add to bath water. It can be dried naturally and does not stain. You can also mix a tablespoon with the water we use to rinse our mouth after brushing our teeth to keep the gums healthy. It is convenient to test it on a small part of the body the first time, to prevent unwanted reactions. Avoid its application on wounds. It can be swallowed but may have laxative effects.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children. It has no limitation of life, it remains equally effective until it is finished, even if the container is open. The mineral can form crystals that clog the spray. In that case, wash the dispenser with hot water and replace. Effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

-Ingredients: Seawater, magnesium chloride and sea salt and concentrated sea salt