Ecological cleaning kit eMC®


Pack of ecological and probiotic cleaning products eMC®: a half-liter spray of Lemon Multi-purpose, one of Fat Cleaner and one of Limescale ready-to-use, and a 100ml bottle of Floor Care



The eMC® ecological and probiotic cleaning products are made from natural ingredients and beneficial microorganisms that degrade dirt for easier cleaning. The surfaces are kept clean for a longer time, thanks to their anti-static and anti-stick effect, which makes the dirt not attracted to the surfaces. In addition, beneficial microorganisms enhance the effectiveness of the other ingredients, and control the pathogens so that they cannot expand.

They eliminate bad odors so it can also be used as an air freshener. The remaining cleaning water may be used to irrigate the plants, providing them with an extra nutrient benefit; or if it is thrown regularly down the drain, it will help us clean the pipes and prevent clogging and clogging, as well as eliminate bad odors.

They do not contain any type of dangerous harmful chemical, so they are the best option for everyone: allergic, asthmatic, pregnant, children, pets, etc. In addition to being totally environmentally friendly and helping us save.

Additional information

Weight 1861 g
Dimensions 19 × 23 × 17 cm

How to use and ingredients

The sprays are ready to use. It is recommended to shake the container before use, spray the surface to be cleaned, wait a few minutes and pass a sponge or damp cloth.
In the case of Soils, 5ml of products should be added into the mop bucket filled with 5l of water (aprox.).

-Ingredients: Lemon Multipurpose (water, microorganisms, alcohol, lemon essence, citric acid, molasses and lime oils, orange oil, pine and citronella oil), Fat Cleaner (water, microorganisms, alcohol, lemon essence, citric acid , molasses and pine oil and lemongrass oil), Limescale (water, microorganisms, alcohol, lemon essence, citric acid, molasses and lemon oils, pine and citronella oil), Floor Care (microorganisms, alcohol, essence of lemon, citric acid, molasses, lime oil, orange oil, pine oil and citronella).