Bokashi bran sack (2kg)


Prepared from fermented wheat bran to add in the buckets for organic waste. Accelerates the fermentation process, Eliminates bad odors and improves the leaching quality, among other benefits.



Prepared wheat bran fermented with molasses and enriched with beneficial microorganisms. Activates the fermentation of organic waste, prevents rot, eliminates odors and keeps control of possible pests. The nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer that comes from fermented organic matter will be an ideal solution for our plants and pipes.

Additional information

Weight 2225 g
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 40 cm

How to use and ingredients

Spread about 20g of Bokashi preparation on organic waste daily. Ensures fermentation, accelerates the process, prevents rot and eliminates odors, among other benefits.

-Ingredients: beneficial microorganisms, wheat bran, alter-entorn ceramic powder, oat bran, sugar cane, molasses.