Nutri Start® (1l)


Combined nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. It makes these activate and improve their effectiveness. It is usually used to mix with Elgan® or Agro balanced® for different uses



Nutrients of plant origin and sugars that serve as food for microorganisms. Adding this product to the formula, you get the bacteria to activate more efficiently and quickly to achieve your goals. Although not always necessary, sometimes it may be convenient. Consult us your case.

Additional information

Weight 1420 g
Dimensions 21.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm

How to use and ingredients

It is used mixed with Elgan® for different uses:

-PIPES / SEPTIC TANKS: To eliminate odors at home, clean the pipes and prevent clogging: mix 100 ml of ELGAN® + 100 ml of Nutri-Start® + 5 liters of water. Pour the solution into the whole house pipes. Proceed to the same application for 15 days to finish the entire process.

-Ingredients: sugars and nutrients of plant origin