EM Grey Ceramics (500g)


Improves water quality, reducing limescaleand surface tension, andincreasing softness and freshness. Suitable for drinking water, irrigation water, and for maintaining ponds, pools and pipework.



It is made by fermenting clay rich in microorganisms for several months, which is then cooked. It has a positive impact on the water we ingest, as well as the one we use to water the plants. It has an optimal effect when combined with eMC® cleaners for pipe maintenance.

EM Gray Ceramics activates water substances that are lost when stagnant for a period of time, such as in a vase or bottle, or in a pool or raft. It is suitable for compost after use.

Additional information

Weight 506 g
Dimensions 11,5 × 6,5 × 6,5 cm