EM Pink Ceramics (750g)


Improves water quality, reducing limescaleand surface tension, andincreasing softness and freshness. Suitable for drinking water, irrigation water, and for maintaining ponds, pools and pipework.



Made by fermenting microorganism-rich clay for several months,and subsequently boiling it. It has a beneficial effect on the water we consume, as well as on the water we use for our plants. Offers great results when combined with eMC® cleaning products for maintaining pipework in good condition.

EM Pink Ceramics is boiled at a low temperature (800-900º) and has a shelf life of betweeneight and ten months. It absorbs harmful substances such as chlorine from the water, is effective for cleaning contaminated water, and is suitable for compostingafter use.

We recommend using 15 units for every litre of waterto be treated.

Additional information

Weight 744 g
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 7 cm